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Design awnings into your next project.

United States Awning Co. is a full service awning company. We fabricate from raw materials, pipe and fabric to create an original product. Our factory has state of the art manufacturing equipment

Our in-house capabilities include:

  • Welding of aluminum
  • Shear and punch our own plates and flat bar
  • Bending equipment to form metal into required shapes
  • Flat bar bending the hard way
  • State of the art air-powered grommet installation machine
  • RF heat sealing machine to seal vinyl fabrics with a water tight seal
  • Hot wedge welder to seal acrylic fabrics
  • Computer cut graphics
  • Acrylic fabric painted graphics
  • Detailed shop drawings
  • Heavy construction projects with aluminum shapes
  • Large shopping centers with hundreds of awnings
  • Recovering of existing awnings with new fabrics
  • Complete design consultation for design/buildĀ  projects

United States Awning Co. provides full support to architects in designing, fabric selection, frame design and specifications for any awning on any project.

United States Awning Co. can provide a cost-effective solution to any business.

Call for a FREE on-site estimate at

941-955 -7010, or email us at support@unitedstatesawningco.com

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